The Name You Can Trust...
भरोसे का प्रतीक


In the period of 1995 to 2006 our organisation is doing well performance with the help of satisfied customers and with the team of workers.

Under the policy of organisation “one city one customer” we are not satisfying our another customers in the same city when they demand our products, but we all know that in every trade, we deal all customers as a god, and in bussiness history we do not return our customer empty hands. In all way “customer is an another nature of god ”.

For a better future of organisation and the high sky thinking of my wife Smt. Neeru Mital and on the demand of customers we produced our another brand that was the day Defender was born .

Now we are doing well job in every range of indian military,police and another hosiery garments under Defender®.

We supply our exclusive range to overseas military and police force and various private insititutions in all across the country.